Engine Orders and Battle Conditions

The engine order telegraph is used to communicate orders from the Combat Information Center (CIC) to the Main Machinery Spaces.



AHEAD SLOW --  Low Pressure (20-40)

              #1 Main Electric Pump ON filtering the pool through Valve #8.


AHEAD HALF --  Standard Pressure (50)

#1 Main Electric Pump ON, Valve #8 closed. 

Main Battle Pump ON idling by special order from CIC.


AHEAD FULL --  Attack Pressure (80).

#1 Main Electric Pump ON, Valve #8 closed.

Main Battle Pump ON, engineer maintaining (80) with
the throttle.


STOP --  Stop all pumps, remain at station awaiting further orders.


STAND BY --  Prepare for Battle.  Set the Battle Lights.


ASTERN FULL--  Start Air Compressor, maintain air pressure (60).


ASTERN HALF -- Communicate by CIC communicator or Battle  Phone.


ASTERN FULL --  Start Spring Well Pump into Main Ammunition Bunker.


FINSIHED WITH  ENGINES -- Secure Engine room, permission granted
                           to leave station.




CONDITON 1  (Green)  Long single blast on horns. <------>

Passive Defense, Capture Insurgents.


CONDITION 2  (Orange)   Two blasts on horns. <----> <----> 

       Active Defense, Disable Enemy Com Lines.


CONDITION 3 (Red)  Three blasts on horns.   <----> <----> <---->

Central Emergency, Man Battle Stations, Set Battle Lights.


CONDITION 4 (Gasp) Grab Wine and Run!