The Castle Corps and Psycho Analysis

Lots of big, high-tech additions were supplied by The Castle Corps (alums of Natural Philosophers) who work at Apple Computer.

They set up two Macintosh computers along with awesome sound equipment and television station mixer panels in a swingside control area.

In a room constructed of black visqueen, a volunteer for an adventure was strapped into an electric chair complete with copper head electrode. Before him were three television monitors and three operating oscilloscopes. Huge loudspeakers were set up on either side behind the visqueen.

The volunteer was interrogated by strange, alumni faces on the three monitors that were subjected to a huge variety of distortions by the control room. For example the interrogators head might dissociate into two or more sections which would reposition themselves. Perhaps the upper portion of the head would be underneath while the mouth and chin addressed the specimen from above. Or the face would become forty or more small faces all frozen in astonishment while one face interrogated. The variety of this stuff was astounding.

Riddle type questions would be asked both verbally (with much resonant action) and by visual display across the screen while a timing frame would count down the seconds left for the answer to be supplied.

The adventuresome volunteers were usually too awe-struck to do anything but gape with mouths open.

"AWwwww... so sorry that you failed to answer within the allotted time.... Mr. Perkins, CHARGE THE CAPACITORS!"

At this command, a most terrifying sound would come forth... the type of sound associated with high voltage facilities. This would be followed by the sounds of firmly operating electrical switching machinery. And at the same instant, the faces on the screens would undergo the type of distortions one might expect of a hot dog attached to the Moss Landing Power Station.

It was all done with unbelievable perfection and synchronization.

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