The Brotherhood of


Physics and Chemistry Fellowship

The Founding Bretheren

And their progeny

The Installation of The Specimens was as great as always! Congratulations to the new members!

 The Natural Philosophers club of San Lorenzo Valley High School was founded in 1956 by the Students of Preston Q Boomer, The Boom, Physics and Chemistry teacher.

This is a science club whose members are in the quest of knowledge and the quest for unusual fun activities

and instruction.

They start the year with a party for new members held at Boomeria.

The new members are treated to an evening of education and activities culminating with a Grand Entrance into the Chapel Royal

for Dubbing into membership by the Royalty of the club.

Each postulate (sometimes referred to a specimen) presents a short Speech on a scientific topic for the enlightenment of the others.

The hot light and reverb headphones helps the specimen to perform their speeches

The honourable evaluators will judge each speech

Then small groups of postulates participate in group activities, to get to know each other better,

such as singing songs

and drilling.

They are interrogated by the Grand Magistrate.

They are then given a challenging tour of the Castle.

with creatures lurking within its secret passageways

Where am I??

Unworthy and Condemned to the Dungeons below!

and wander the Catacombs in total darkness

When they emerge from the latter, they are taken into the Chapel Royal

with the Grand Organ where they are formally dubbed into the fellowship.

Here a new member receives his Certificate of Membership.

Refreshments then follow with Stories of the evening's events.

Other activities include field trips to such places as the Exploratorium and the Mystery Spot.

They sometimes participate in Renaissance and Medieval functions and have put on Treasure Hunts and Easter Egg Hunts for children,

and the annual Christmas Carol Sing in the Chapel Royal.

The club is open for any SLVHS student who is interested in the above activities.

All Natural Philosophers must learn The Oath!

By Sir Linton Amerine Count von Beroldingen!

We practice The Oath at school for all to witness.

This speciman failed to complete The Oath.

A specimen perfects The Oath

The "Armored Patrol"

by Craig Polson, 1985


The Rules for joining the Natural Philosophers.

The Officers of Natural Philosophers.

Famous Natural Philosophers Alumn


The Castle Corps

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