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Streaming Action Videos of Boomeria found at the end of this tour page.

Boomeria, "King" (PQ le Boom), proprietor,

Photo from The Royal Raid, by Hoyt Yeatman

Photo by Dawn,, Jan. 2006

is nestled in the coastal Santa Cruz Mountains south of San Francisco, California.

You see, it all began when the Boom, like Peter Pan, refused to grow up (after all, if he grew up, he'd have to like green salad!). Having been thoroughly indoctrinated into the world of Oz through reading and rereading the 40 Oz books as a child, he had a pretty good idea of what the real world SHOULD be like. And when he could do what he wanted without Mommy saying "NO!", there was no stopping him...

Le Boom, some of his students, and his two sons Alex and Laurence

have built a monument to anachronistic fun. Several Decades of benign dementia and a mysterious ability to extract hard labor from other people's teenagers has allowed P Q LeBoom to construct an amazing fantasy world. While this inner world remains unmappable, the physical manifestation of it is called Boomeria.

The kingdom is a mere 100 meters square, but holds many delightful and amazing things. Of course the Boom's Motto

has challenged many of his students to attempt conquering The Kingdom,

requiring stringent and elaborate defense techniques!

The Knights of Revenge spend a night in the Dungeon.

The Challenge of the Field Marshall.

Click here for the Battle Hymn of Boomeria

The sentry for the entrance to Boomeria is Tower 1,

armed with the twin 44mm Aqueous machine guns. Tower 1 also holds a Lever of the Second Class which controls the Aqua Goose.

It blasts a heavy column of water 20 meters into the air, right out of the middle of the road! That cools down and stops the engines of attacking enemy Water Battle Tanks!

GUARDS! Check out this guy!

Next you see the Main Aqueous Ammunition Bunker,

cleverly disguised as a "Swimming Pool". It is 4 meters deep and stores 200,000 liters of high concentration (55.5M) polar molecules of ammunition (Big Chem in action)!

Side Tour.. Further along, you see on your right the Chapel Royal, which houses the Great Pipe Organ, a baroque-style tracker-action organ containing 40 ranks of pipes, numbering about 2,500. The Boom, with much volunteer labor, has been working on the organ since high school days, and it has come a long way from the 2 ranks and vacuum cleaner blower in the pergola of the Grandparents. It is used for Concerts, Weddings, initiations, and for the inspiration of the troops preparing for Water Battles, and the Victory celebrations, thereafter.

A typical reception

The Annual Christmas Carol Sing in the Chapel Royal with the 40-rank Baroque Pipe Organ.

Photo by Patrick Lynch

The Royal Bombardes En Chamade

The Royal Brass join us for the Christams Carols

After the Organ Demo, we head down to the Main Engine Room.

Here, the Duty Officers and Engineers use Mighty Physics to power the water cannons, to protect The Kingdom from attackers who dispute the Motto of the Boom. Atop the Main Engine Room, you see Tower 2, in turn crowned by the Mighty 88mm Aqua Cannon. The 88 has a range of 50 meters and effectively stops all enemy attack groups with their Water Balloon Catapults.


Continuing on, you see on your left the Entrance to the Dungeons.


There are 120 meters of echoing terror in the Great Tunnel and Catacombs

which connect the Dungeons, Castle, Engine Room, Control Room (CIC)

and the Battle Towers.

Tower 1 Third Level Hatch

It took the high school kids eight years to dig them with pick and shovel, carrying the dirt out in buckets. The favored form of lighting Down There is candles.

Beware, lest some fiend blows out your candle and leaves you stranded in absolute darkness. Especially if you are in The Bones Grotto.

Who are these guys?

The Great War of '66 has been immortalized in this magnificent painting by the late Charles Ward.

On our way to the Control Room, we pass through The Laboratory

and Chemicals, many of which The Boom inherited from his grandfather,

to the Research & Development Department. And notice that much of the equipment came from the Boom's lab of 1949.

Come along this way, now. We're entering The CIC Room (that's Navy for Combat Information Center). CIC controls all of the battle stations, machinery spaces, and patrols.

The Great Communicator allows the Duty Officer to listen in to numerous locations throughout the Kingdom. Orders may be dispatched likewise.

The Windlass raises and lowers the Portcullis which separates the Great Tunnel from the Catacombs. Here is the machinery for the Portcullises, Battle Shutters, and Dungeon Doors.

There is also a mechanical Engine Order Telegraph which relays commands from the CIC Room to the Engineers on duty in the Main Engine Room.

Here are the Engine Orders and Battle Conditions. The Engine Room Manual (pdf). Valves of Boomeria (pdf).

Photo by Dan Coyro, Santa Cruz Sentinel. Boom's 50th year teaching Mighty Physics and Big Chem.

The Sneak Alarm, above the console, alerts the CIC operator to the presence of clandestine insurgents.

The Duty Officer hears the sound of Foul Foe sneaking about

And sets the Engine Order Telegraph to Ahead Slow.

The prowlers are thinking that they are pretty clever until the silent night is rent by an amazing assortment of Bells, Whistles, Horns, Loud Hailers and Sirens, both electronic and mechanical, which the omniscient operator commands at the touch of some buttons.

The Baron of Boomeria gives them The Blast on the "50 Capper".

And of course, The Cannon!!!

Many thanks to The Locator, Richard Conger, for seeking these delightful noisemakers out at shipyards, junk shops and flea markets, to the torment of so Many!

The Locator on the right demonstrates to The Boom on the left.

The Sound which the neighbors fear most is known as Weapon Beulah. She is a foghorn from a Navy ship, which can be heard for more than 10 Kilometers.

Every good kingdom needs a Castle. Let's head up the hill and check this out. The most impressive of the battle structures is the four story Castle with secret passageways, battlements and a dungeon.


A prisoner feels for his fate as the gates are opening.


Here we are on the Second Level and Third Level. There are four levels and the tunnels below.


Next to the Castle is the full-sized Guillotine.

This was recently used for the Woodrow Wilson Chemistry Institute to take care of Antoine Lavoisier and 27 other chemists of the French Revolution. A recent fund-raiser for the Santa Cruz Chamber Players featured the Guillotine and music written for Anne Boleyn and Marie Antoinette. On Bastille Day, 1996, while Bill Visscher performed a stirring rendition of "La Marseillaise" on the pipe organ, the Guillotine quickly apportioned the Watermelon for the waiting merrymakers.

The Main Pipe Organ divisions:

The Officers' Gallery Organ:

Check out the very cute Propaganda Drawings for Battle.

The King Always Wins!

See & Hear The Grand Pipe Organs of Boomeria.

Hear the Sounds and Transducers of Boomeria.

* Short Streaming Action Videos at Boomeria

Introduction to Boomeria Tank Attack on Station 4
The Challenge! Dungeons, Firing Squad, Guillotine
Attack on the Castle Queens Always go First!
Engine Room and CIC Room Steam Engines, Machinery, Geese
Attack on Tower 1 and Tower 2 Pipe Organ Building at Boomeria
The AquaGoose! The Royal Raid by Hoyt Yeatman
The Catacombs! Building the Castle and Catacombs
Weapons of Boomeria Dave Allen, Troops, Goosed!

For Large Screen video clips of some of these, see our YouTube--Boomeria page.

Weird Homes of Canada visits Boomeria, Video (10 mins).

Dave Allen & the BBC film a Boomeria Battle, Video (14 min).

Community TV of Santa Cruz visits Boomeria, Dec. 2007 (12 min).

For Laffs: Boom's 50th Year of Teaching at SLVHS.

Click here for the awesome photos of Boomeria taken by 45 Google employees at a bash on Aug. 9, 2009. Photos by Petra. Run the slide show.

And still more Google pictures & video clips.

On October 13, 2009, A roaring storm crashed the Castle with four big fir trees that were attached to one root sysetm. State Farm Insurance Co. is paying for the rebuild by Bret Smith and Trentin Prather. Here is the KSBW report.

Thank you for touring Cyber-Boomeria.

(We are a private residence. The events shown above involved the Boom's students, friends, and neighbors. Sorry, but we are not able to accommodate such activities for the general public).

... Side Tour..Natural Philosophers Installation at Boomeria.

For more laffs and enlightenment, visit Boom's Boom's Chem & Physics Page.

The Boomerian Eagle, designed by Sir Linton von Beroldingen, forged into iron by Martin Forster:

Docents and Perpetrators:
Alex Boomer, Crown Prince of Boomeria
Sara Boomer, Queen of Boomeria
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Alex Boomer
Ron Emery, extra scanning
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Sara and PQ Boomer

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